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Age Africa Agency, the foremost YouTube agency with a Multi-Channel Network (MCN) in Africa, was co-sponsoring the second edition of the YouTube Creators Festival to be held from November 24 to 26, 2022, in Accra, Ghana.

YouTube Creators Festival Ghana

Ismail Akwei – Speaker, YouTube Creators Festival

You are one of the speakers at The YouTube Creators Festival in Accra. How important is the festival and why should people attend?
YouTube is the second biggest social network in the world after Facebook. Missing a convention of YouTubers anywhere in the world is like denying yourself a piece of the digital pie of the future. Being at the YouTube Creators Festival will open doors to participants who want to succeed and be digitally impactful on YouTube.

As a speaker at the festival, what are you going to say about GhanaWeb Reporter?
The GhanaWeb Reporter is a window of opportunity for YouTubers who wish to organically appeal to an audience in Ghana. GhanaWeb has that audience and the Reporter allows content creators to share their videos with the GhanaWeb audience and also earn some revenue from the content they publish. Even a day-old YouTuber can earn faster than they would on YouTube.

Can you tell us a bit more about GhanaWeb Reporter and where it stands?
GhanaWeb Reporter has niche blogs for content creators and they are able to publish directly onto the Wall of GhanaWeb without any screening. There are currently over a hundred active blogs on the platform and payments of over 12,000 Ghana cedis have been made since its official launch on March 29, 2022.

Bloggers are already quite active with GhanaWeb Reporter. Why is GhanaWeb Reporter popular with the Ghanaian blogger scene?
Bloggers used to sign up for a WordPress site and then pay for the domain name and hosting. After all these expenses, they fail to get traffic to their blogs which affects the impact they make. With the introduction of the GhanaWeb Reporter, the bloggers got attached because it was a tool that served their needs of getting a wider audience and being paid for their hard work.

What makes GhanaWeb Reporter important for content creators on Youtube?
Content creators on YouTube also need more views for their content to thrive. The GhanaWeb Reporter has the audience and with a blog on the platform, YouTube videos can be shared to GhanaWeb and the content creators get to be paid on GhanaWeb while they grow their numbers concurrently on YouTube. Early content creators can earn on GhanaWeb Reporter until they hit the threshold to make money concurrently on YouTube.

What has been the experience of GhanaWeb TV with content creation on Youtube?
GhanaWeb TV is GhanaWeb’s online TV that promotes content including news and programmes. Content creators on YouTube can take advantage of the reach GhanaWeb has to promote their content on GhanaWeb TV. It serves as another distribution channel to increase their views.

GhanaWeb TV is supported by Age Africa Agency as a YouTube MCN. What did the cooperation bring to you?
Age Africa Agency as a YouTube MCN has introduced diverse content onto GhanaWeb TV and that has increased the Ad inventory available to GhanaWeb and also generated direct advertising revenue for the channels they manage. It is a win-win cooperation for all parties involved (GhanaWeb TV, Age Africa Agency and the content creator).

What in your opinion are the most obvious opportunities for content creators on Youtube in Ghana?
The obvious opportunity for YouTube creators in Ghana is to join the Age Africa Agency’s MCN and get access to GhanaWeb’s resources to create impactful content and get their channel’s growth and monetization managed professionally.

Statistics indicate that YouTube represents 69.7 percent of the total internet usage in Ghana with the number of registered users growing rapidly by the day. How can content creators leverage this penetration to commercialize their content?
By joining the Age Africa Agency, content creators benefit from partner management, digital rights management, and sales and audience development. Age Africa Agency in partnership with GhanaWeb will get advertisers to pay for services including overlay adverts, product placement and in-show sponsorships on the creator’s content. They are also assured of 4 streams of revenue: programmatic revenue, direct revenue, native revenue and revenue from their-party uploads.

GhanaWeb, with the support of its parent company, AfricaWeb, created the Reporter platform which allows content creators and bloggers to share their content with millions of visitors of the GhanaWeb platform as well as earn from the revenue their content generates.

Representatives of GhanaWeb and Age Africa Agency would speak at the event as sponsors and also as stakeholders of the content creation space in Ghana with services, resources and expertise that help creators, brands, publishers, influencers, and artists to realize more views, subscribers and higher earnings.

About Age Africa Agency

Age Africa Agency is a thriving online ecosystem where creators, brands, publishers and artists come together. A hub that creates fans, grows through cross-promotion and offers new and higher revenue streams. With our rebellious minds and hard work, we like to set the tone. We combine data and creativity to develop performance-driven YouTube channels that make an impact and leave a lasting impression.

Our services include YouTube growth, video production, advertising and publishing solutions, music distribution and asset protection etc.

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