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Yvonne Nelson is the latest signee of Age Africa Agency, the top multi-channel network for YouTube creators, brands, publishers and artists in Africa responsible for the growth and management of YouTube channels.

The popular Ghanaian actress, model, film producer, author, and entrepreneur joined the YouTube-certified partner to upscale her Yvonne Nelson (@yvonnenelsongh) channel on YouTube to boost engagement and drive revenue growth. 

“The very essence of forming partnerships is to inspire and encourage growth while we build trust with our audiences. I am happy with the new path I am charting with Age Africa. I hope we put in our all on both ends. There is so much we can achieve together to help the creative sector,” said Yvonne Nelson who recently launched her Heels and Sneakers TV series on YouTube.

She joins big brands such as the Ghana Football Association, GhanaWeb, Webnation Africa, and StarTimes among over 1,250 creators, brands, publishers, and artists around the world that are benefitting from the agency’s partner management, digital rights management, sales, and audience development.

“We like to create new opportunities and open horizons. With engaging content and a strong strategy, businesses from every industry can convert YouTube users into clients,” said Jennifer Feaster, Managing Partner at Age Media Group.

Age Africa Agency is part of the Age Media Group which includes Every Age, Age Media, Age Makers, and Age Music.

To join the network, a creator or brand has to apply ( for a review of their YouTube channel to ensure it is qualified. The requirements include enabling the YouTube Partner Program, ensuring AdSense is connected, having no active strikes on the channel, and following all YouTube Community Guidelines & Policies.