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Good Vitals Are Good For SEO

Core Web Vitals are key website performance metrics that directly impact user experience and search engine rankings. Prioritizing them is crucial for website owners to provide a positive user experience and increase traffic to their site.

Some of the things we offer you

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Technical SEO Audits

Our Audits look further than the Core Web Vitals and will come with actionable fixes for your site.

Faster WordPress Sites

WordPress as a dynamic CMS is a slow if not properly optimized or back upped with a large server. We can accelerate your WordPress site by cashing items outside of your WordPress server.

How We Speed Up WordPress

WordPress can be slower than other content management systems (CMS) if not properly optimized. This is because WordPress is a dynamic CMS, which means that it uses server-side scripts to generate web pages on demand. As a result, a WordPress site may require more server resources and take longer to load than a static site.

To improve the loading speed, we offer optimising your WordPress site to intelligently cache your dynamic HTML pages and ges up to 4x faster loading speed.