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AfricaMediaPro provides advanced publishing and advertising services – more data and pageviews lead to more revenue

Better Publishing

We bring in people that have run some of the biggest news platforms in Africa and have worked together with partners like the BBC Africa

More Revenue

Our revenue specialists bring in the knowledge to maximize the revenue that can be obtained from a digital audience without compromising the editorial product

Cafeteria Model

We can bring in a full package but it is up to you to decide how you want to make use of our services. We can think big and start small.

Full Transparency

It should be exactly clear to you what the advertising streams are for you and for us.

Our Services

Create Content and Connect with Audiences

Online Publishing Strategy
Social Media Content Strategy
Online Video Content Strategy
Training and Development
Digital Channel and Product Management
PR and External Communications
Editorial Management

Monitor KPI’s, Reporting and Data Intelligence

KPI’s Creation
Data Management
Analytics Tools
Technical SEO Strategy

Revenue Optimisation & Management

Commercial Strategy
Programmatic Advertising Management
Native Advertising Management
Advertising Management Training
YouTube Revenue Management

Design & Digital Production

House Style
Digital Asset Production
Video Production
Advertisements Production

Development & Tools

(Mobile) Apps
AI Tools

Market Research

B2B Panels
B2C Panels
Tailor Made Market Research
Brand Research