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Making Money Online

Making Money online is difficult in the African market place. With our years long experience with top African websites we can advise how to get the maximum revenue with the available inventory. We can connect you to the best performing Native and Programmatic solutions and setup an advance pricing strategy.  

Native Advertising

We can connect you to the most profitable Native Advertisers.  By mixing a stream of the publishers own articles with the native ads we target both higher revenues as wel as increased pageviews.

So with the aid of  publisher tools we will drive increased revenue per pageview but also increased recirculation resulting into  more pageviews.


Programmatic Advertising

We provide full-service Google AdManager support for online publishers of all sizes in order to maximize yield.

We focus our monetisation strategies around Google’s Ad Manager, as there are multiple benefits for the African market.  One being that Google’s AdX and Adsense are the biggest buyer on the African market, but also because the available server side Open Bidding allows for a broad auction without compromising page speed.

Some of the things we offer you

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Commercial Strategy

Based on your traffic’s geo-location and volume, we can provide a strategy to optimise revenue

Connect To The Important Buyers

Using our Ad Manager for your site your ad impressions will be connected (server to server) to all big SSPs for higher revenues

African Market Focussed

We understand that African CPMs are different from US and European prices. Also we understand the abundance of lower end smartphones and its implications. That’s why we are able to increase revenues where others fail.


It will be exactly clear to you what the advertising streams are for you and for us.