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Mobile News Apps

We can quickly develop a News app by using a state of the art template that was developed by industry experts and news publishers globally who identified the essential features and user workflows for it. With these pre-built, out-of-the-box features, news publishers only need to connect their data source and customize the UI to reflect their brand.

Why do we use the Flutter News Toolkit?

Nowadays, most people turn to smartphones for news. In addition to mobile websites, mobile apps can be a great way for news publishers to engage with existing readers, reach new audiences, and create new revenue streams. But it takes time and effort to design, implement and deploy mobile apps.

For news publishers who have limited financial and human resources, building apps from scratch is a major undertaking. At AfricaMediaPro, we want to help developers be successful and productive, so we’re using a toolkit that offers all the common functionalities news publishers need, so they can focus on differentiating their brand and content without writing boilerplate code.

Using the Flutter platform ensures that the same app code works on both the IOS and Play store

How to launch the app?

We have mapped out the deployment process at a high-level with an assumption of 2 Flutter engineers working on the project. As an example, other users finished their application development within 6 weeks. But there are also users that have launched the app within 2 weeks with 1 engineer.

These numbers greatly reduce the investment you have to make into your news app