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About AfricaMediaPro Services

What is a cafeteria model?

A cafeteria-style service model is a pay-as-you-go system where customers only pay for the services they use. This means that customers have the flexibility to choose only the services they need and pay only for those services, without having to purchase a package or bundle of services. This type of model is often seen in food service establishments where customers can choose from a variety of menu items and pay for each item separately. Similarly, in the service industry, customers can pick and choose from a range of services, each priced individually, and only pay for what they use.

How will I be charged?

We offer services that are directly advertising revenue related against revenue shares. For other services, we charge per hour, per project or per monthly engagement. In many cases, you may decide to do it yourself or to wait in order to find out what works best in which situation. If you are happy, we are happy. We believe in long-lasting relationships.

How do we guarantee transparency?

We provide full disclosure about data, fees and advertising sales. Building trust is our middle name.

Is all technology AfricaMediaPro's?

We do development in-house, but we also like to work in partnership with advanced technological partners. Through them, we bring you results-driven innovation and the best technical solutions. 

Is it available in my country?

Yes, we operate globally with clients in Europe and Asia, but our main focus is on Sub-Saharan Africa.

About Our Company

Why a bull's eye as logo?

The bull’s eye logo stands for the way we work. We are results-driven and we work with a plan since a target without a plan is not more than hope.

What are AfricaMediaPro's core values?

Result Driven




Where are we located?

Our main office is in Accra (Ghana), but we have a suboffice in The Hague (The Netherlands).

What are these technical terms?

What is a RevShare?

RevShare or revenue sharing is the percentage split that indicates what part of the net revenue will be coming your way.